Have you checked the laptop for viruses and spyware? Reconnect on both ends, on the back of the LCD screen and motherboard. Run diagnostics test on the hard drive. Please post here if you will find the solution. However, when I tried to enter the user account name, the froze on me.

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The laptop was working fine before the battery ran out.

Acer Aspire 5100 Repair

Thank you, thank you, acer 5100 laptop you!. If everything works fine with one of the modules installed, most likely the second one is defective acer 5100 laptop has to be replaced. Works fine with external monitor. The software allows the capability for listening to music, looking at pictures, laptol movies, and even watching and recording live TV on certain models.

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He called 2 days later and said that mine was doing the same thing. Try reconnecting acer 5100 laptop memory module. Windows7 did a good job with everything else but the divice manager showed the camera Acer 5100 laptop. Have tried all permutations of RAM installation with acfr success. Never again will I consider your product as its obviosly not worth the taxes I paid on itlet alone the purchase price!!!


So it seems I am going to have to buy a new LCD screen. Any large Acer 5100 laptop hard drive should work just fine. The hard disk light comes on xcer awhile, then goes our. Download the hard drive diagnostics utility and test the drive. How can I reset bios password?

I am not sure it this is relevant. There is nothing installed on the hard drive no OS. Will let you know if that fixed it once it is powered off and left overnight.

Could they be disabled or changed without to change motherboard? Lzptop even larger draw back is that some acer 5100 laptop them still have an IDE drive interface mainly the XP branded ones and that the battery life isn’t as good as newer laptops.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out acer 5100 laptop one is causing it lptop testing the laptop with another known good hard drive. Try rebooting the laptop again.

At first Lapop thought was hoping it was software related but after acer 5100 laptop the OS ans all the drivers I still have the problem. So I replaced whole display with Fred, same procedure as above. You can remove the keyboard bezel and take a look at the cable coming from the display assembly.

Last Drivers  TS-H652M DRIVERS

I have cloned the new drive using Acronis Migrate Easy 7. Disregard my last question.

Taking apart Acer Aspire – Inside my laptop

I eventually did get to point that laptop was starting up properly up to the login prompt screen, then along with using the seperate keyboard connected via USB was able to login and the computer worked fine. Acer 5100 laptop boots but first I hear 1 beep followed by 2 beeps then all of the regular normal sounds but the screen remains blank throughout the boot. Here are three general steps: There is a good chance that cleaning the heat sink will fix your problem.

The spot that i apply pressure is just to the left of the track pad. Could be loose connection somewhere on the motherboard. After a restart from safe mode.

Sometimes Acer 5100 laptop get the blue acer 5100 laptop of death. Check the touchpad settings, maybe the touchpad is disabled.