I have yahoo mail service on the phone so I get messages in real time. Its basicaly a bug with c, it does not work with a headset. I mention that because this should not be compared to a Palm Treo or even the Ci Not too sure but I did notice when I had the unit plugged in to my computer that the charge icon lit up. I was so frustrated with other phones razr, treo, nokia that threw in a crappy camera and mp I wanted to upgrade to a PDA. Besides those minor flaws, this phone is the best phone you will ever purchase and i highly recommend it.

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Against Only 64Mb of onboard memory. O2 713g0 released two versions of the device, one for corporate users that can be set up with Exchange Server, while the consumer version uses standard Internet email accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo! Keyboard is no hassle to write on, I regularly type away while my partner only answers the shortest emails on her treo I reliased, its not me its the phone. I would recommend a Blackberry to anyone wanting an all in one device.

For example, a PowerPoint presentation will be compressed and sent as a JPEG, a much smaller and quicker delivery method. The web is good, I don’t expect much from a phone so some pages are very hard to read but the regular sites you go to balckberry check stocks, weather, sports scores etc etc work very well on the screen.


To get pictures on your device, you must email them in the correct pixel format which can be a 7130t. What’s more, it even supports instant messaging.

BlackBerry g – Full phone specifications

Anonymous from Amazon 03 Nov I was so frustrated with other phones razr, treo, nokia that threw in a crappy camera and mp Prices Where to Buy.

The g is an update of the v and comes with a candybar approach and shared keys, rather blackbrry separate QWERTY keys.

BlackBerry g at a glance. Internal memory is 64 MB. Discontinued 9th June The time when I got this phone I was really happy with it. BlackBerry g – Offers.

It follows the same basic layout of the xwith the now-familiar SureType keypad underneath a large, bright display. Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices. The BlackBerry g is an impressive handheld.

Rather than sending the email with full attachments, it merely sends the message and should you need the attachment, it’ll send a compressed version for you to view. Processors are often described as the brain of computers, smartphones and tablets, Smartphones and tablets rely on processors to carry out their every task, Processors are an incredibly important factor in selecting any type of computing device, including your smartphone.


Another thing is that you cant do to much with attachments in media sources, such as video. My standard 02 sim worked perfect in the device but the e-mail and some other options dont work without the correct set up on your network probably costs more.

The internet is very fast, the ringtones sound great, and basically the whole phone is flawless.


Design Dimensions x 56 x 18 mm. Intel XScale MHz processor.

BlackBerry ‘s performance ratings are 18 days standby time. No external card slot is available for expansion. What do you feel about Blac,berry and build quality of this device? I bought in the end a V. I called Amazon and kept them informed about it and they were quick in replacing the phone. BlackBerry g Add to Compare Compare. I almost broke a finger trying to put it on my belt.

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