Allows you to apply imposition layouts to jobs for custom printing, binding, and cutting purposes. To select multiple sequential files Windows , select the first file and then Shift-click the last file. When you specify print options in the Job Properties dialog box or printer driver after specifying Mixed Media settings, certain print options may conflict with the page-specific Mixed Media settings. For a complete list of fonts, display the Font List see page Type page numbers as comma-separated values for example: You can view the information in any application that can read a text file.

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Duplicates the currently selected pages. To check the archived jobs, contact the operator or go to the Command WorkStation screen.

Appendix Appendix Appendix-1 Product Specifications WebLink provides all remote users the same link to a predefined WebLink destination. RIP area icon What it indicates How long you see the job 1 Raster data, no destination defined; may have been printed before and held 2 Raster data x3egy for Print in its turn; no hold defined Until it is deleted, moved to the Archive window, or stripped x3eety its raster data and sent to the Spool area Until copier is free to print the job After a job is rasterized, it goes into the RIP area.

PhotoX also provides other tools likes More information. Please use our fast automated scan program to locate the best drivers for your specific configuration. Several canisters of ink will be d If you experience problems printing EPS files with Downloader, print the file directly from the application in which you created it.


Command WorkStation LE enables you to do the following: Install the Impose software protection key dongle into the parallel port of the client workstation.

Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM User Manual

Reverses the action of recently performed page edits. To shift the job priority up or down, click the Move Up or Move Down button.

Held jobs are indicated by a yellow icon. Conventions Used in this Manual The following abbreviations are used in this manual: 50c-m to select multiple, non-sequential pages.

Help! Win 7 Driver for Konica Minolta C interfaced to Fiery X3eTY 50C-KM PS v?

These results are based on a computer that may or may not contain the same hardware as what you are searching for. If you cannot view changes in a job, or if selecting a thumbnail window results in a message indicating zero pages, close and restart Command WorkStation, Command WorkStation LE, or Fiery Spooler.

Deletes the currently selected pages. Before using the Fiery X3e Color Server with version 1. Consider downloading fonts you use on a regular basis to the Fiery X3eTY hard disk. All Known Formats lists all files in formats supported by Fiery Downloader.


Konica Minolta Fiery X3e drivers Windows 7

This document describes how More information. To log in as Operator, enter the Operator password and click OK.

Duplicate or rename jobs. For instructions on printing the Configuration page, see Configuration and Setup. Using Thumbnail A and Thumbnail B together, you can merge raster data from more than one file, even if the files were printed from different applications on different computer platforms.

You can navigate to different drives and directories to select files to download. To move the job s to top or bottom priority, click the Move to Top or Move to Bottom button. Fiery Scan consists of the following components: To select multiple sequential files Windowsselect the first file and then Shift-click the last file.

Drivers for Dell Inc. OptiPlex –

Start display at page:. You can also access most of these commands by clicking the icons along the left side of Thumbnail A. You can retrieve the data stored in a box with a computer on a network. The [Transmission Address Input] screen appears.