The emu scored an excellent hit Inconsolation. Work has been continuing on GearHead Caramel. Made with by Graphene Themes. If you compiled it yourself, make sure the needed dlls are present. It should run fine on 64 bit windows; the computer I compiled it on is 64 bit.

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Made with by Graphene Themes. Another fan linx February 29, at 7: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Text-only, so to speak Linux Admins. Cyberroguelike, part 1 Inconsolation Pingback: Where can i send savefile and error message?

GearHead-1 v1.200

Aging Minotaur on February 29, at 2: White-knuckle ascii drama Inconsolation. Anticheese on March 2, at 9: Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Ads by Project Wonderful! And an Ovaknight and a complete series of Savins. I still have fond memories of helping to keep the little Gearhead forum community running well. Reddit Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr.


For Windows users, all the needed dlls are included in the precompiled zip. In DeadZone Drifter the player character travels to various towns in the deadzone and helps out with their problems maybe. But these guys need someone to fight and I bet the Chameleon would look great in paper.

The complete list of changes is beneath the fold. Be prepared for a long haul. It has been fixed to 1.

Work has been continuing on GearHead Caramel. Where can i post message about game crushes?

Text-only, so to speak Inconsolation. GearHead Caramel uses a Dungeon Monkey -style invocations system for all attacks and skill uses.

GearHead-1 v – GearHead RPG

Skip to comment form. I was overjoyed to see the RPS article on this! White-knuckle ascii drama Inconsolation Pingback: Text-only, so to speak Linux Admins Pingback: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

This is unfortunately one of those games that I have to leave you to discover on your own. Joseph Hewitt on February 28, at 6: Gesrhead me of new posts by email.


Gearhead 2

Not sure if anything can be done about this. You can download compiled versions for Windows and Linux, as well as the source code, from here.

Six months after the Typhon Incident, you are geadhead to a charity mecha tournament at the newly built Mauna Arena. What other GearHead mecha would you like to see given the papercraft treatment?