For an existing wireless network, the person who set up the network will be able to provide this information. By registering your product at www. My bridge-enabled computer could not communicate with my wireless-enabled computer or printer. Click Restore Factory Default. Type admin as the User ID and type the current password password is the default as the Password.

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As long as you don’t mind tinkering, The Dude is a decent network utility that should be worth the download. Otherwise, netgear me102 will have to manually enter up to four hexadecimal numbers. If you choose to go the Netgear me102 route for your setup, you neggear the one window shown below, and no network statistics monitoring.

Power on netgewr computer. Type the netgear me102 password in the Old Password box. The good news is that the seems to come with a default “real” IP of For example, a wireless router lets multiple computers share a single cable or DSL broadband Internet connection.

Remote Observation Features Remote Observation. This guide shows you netgear me102 to connect the bridge and configure it for your network — nstgear to work with a wireless router or access point, or to netgear me102 with other wireless devices.

Read instructions for correct handling.

Alia Michaels Mod Date: This device must accept any interference received, including interference that Tested to Comply may netgear me102 undesired operation. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.


Type a new password in the New Password box. Since my lab network uses a md102 Reset to factory defaults. Netgear me102 to a wireless LAN.

The Buyer’s Guide

This could be a network configuration problem or a hardware connection problem. If not already selected, select Built-in Ethernet in the Configure list. If you have a wired network, you must have a wireless router or access point set up in the network. Preparing to Install the WGE Two external non-removable dipole antennas.

To use netgear me102 bridge with a different computer, other Ethernet-enabled device, or with a hub, return to Installing the WGE on netgear me102 xxx netgear me102 connect the bridge. See this page for more info.

Click the Configuration tab. OR If you netgear me102 a key manually for your wireless router or access point, select a Key and type the hexadecimal values that are used with the wireless router or access netgear me102. Click Yes to accept the new country or region.

Unfortunately, ne102 management interface does not offer context-sensitive help or netgear me102 tool for upgrading the firmware, but netgear me102 can download the updates from Netgear netgear me102 upgrade remotely.

In infrastructure mode the wireless devices and computers communicate with the wired network and other wireless devices through the wireless router or access point. Federal Office for Telecommunications Approvals has been notified of the placing of this equipment on the market and has been granted the netgrar to test the series for compliance with the regulations.


Network Lab – A Guide to Networking An NTL Cable Modem

netgear me102 Restoring the Bridge to the Default Settings There are two ways to return the bridge to its default factory netgear me102. Power up the bridge. This most likely is a network configuration problem. If your network has awireless router or access point, make sure it is powered up.

ME102 – Wireless-Access-Point (11 MBit/s)

If you want to force the bridge to connect using a specific standard, netgead can change the data rate netgear me102 the Wireless Settings page. You will need to identify the wireless configuration and security parameters already defined in your wireless network. In order to avoid the netgear me102 of exceeding the FCC radio frequency exposure limits, human proximity to the antenna shall not be less than 20 cm 8 inches during normal operation.