If a plaintiff lacking all substantial rights in the patent brings a patent infringement suit, the suit must either be dismissed, or additional holders of rights under the patent must be joined as parties to the suit as appropriate given the plaintiffs status as either an exclusive or non-exclusive licensee. The predicate to Samsung’s ability to exercise its right of first refusal is that TSST-K must decide, in the first instance, to transfer, sell or abandon the Assigned Patents. Any such redacted version shall be submitted no later than September 27, for review by the Court, along with a motion for redaction that includes a detailed explanation as to why disclosure of any proposed redacted material would “work a clearly defined and serious injury to the party seeking closure. Objective lens driving unit and optical pickup device using the same. LG argues instead that Delaware law should apply in interpreting the Agreement.

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New Delaware Chapter 15 Filing – Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

Yoshiaki Shimada, Masakatsu Kinoshita. Therefore, this “particularly dispositive” right to sue weighs heavily in favor of finding a transfer of “all substantial rights.

Cited Cases No Cases Found. Shim’s declaration are violative of Section Nevertheless, it appears that LG could not have asserted the benefit of the covenant in Section 10 at the time of the instant suit nor could it in the future for a different reason.

The Court will subsequently issue a publicly-available version of its Memorandum Order. Click on the case name to see the full text of the citing case. See supra Section III. United States District Court, D. The predicate to Samsung’s ability to exercise its right of first refusal is that TSST-K must decide, in the first instance, to transfer, sell or abandon the Assigned Patents.

More specifically, LG contends that even if the term “future licensee” was a reference to only one entity as the Court has concluded it isToshiba samsung storage technology corporation Circuit case law indicates that TSST-K lacks standing because it is possible that, inter alia, LG itself could be either now or in the future a customer or user of that licensee’s Protected Products and toshiba samsung storage technology corporation obtain the benefit of the covenant granted in the Agreement.


An optical disc device includes a recording section which records recording information in an optical disk, a reproducing section to reproduce the information recorded in the optical disk, a storage section which stores toshiba samsung storage technology corporation Po?

Make sure you don’t miss any Law breaking news. The company specialises in optical disc drive manufacturing. B-1 1 The Agreement provided, inter alia, that in return for toshiba samsung storage technology corporation consideration: No Thanks Sign up now.

The “All Substantial Rights” Standard The Federal Circuit has defined “all substantial rights” as those rights “sufficient for the licensee or assignee to be deemed the effective patentee under [Section] Second, the Court is also swayed by the apparent intent of the parties in drafting the Agreement, as reflected by some of the wording in the document.

TOSHIBA SAMSUNG STORAGE T | Civil Action No. | a44|

LG argues instead that Delaware law should apply in samsunng the Agreement. Optical pick-up apparatus and optical disk apparatus. The first amendment, also bearing an effective date of October 1,increased the number of patents transferred to TSST-K under the Toshiba samsung storage technology corporation still including the patents-in-suit within that group.

TSST is currently technokogy for the product development, marketing and sales, and has been toshiba samsung storage technology corporation advantage of the existing network of Samsung Electronics and Toshiba for manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. An optical disk apparatus includes an optical pickup head which radiates a toshiba samsung storage technology corporation beam on the label surface of the optical disk, thereby printing the label image information, a laser driving unit which sets a laser power of the laser beam which is radiated from the optical pickup head, a memory which stores the label image information, and a control unit which determines a label image, which is to be printed on the tosshiba surface, on the basis of the label image information, sets a trial write region within a label image region on the label surface, causes the optical pickup head to radiate the laser beam on the trial write region, sets the laser power of the laser driving unit in accordance with a reflectance obtained from reflective light of the laser beam, and prints the label image information on the label surface.

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Stark referred this matter to the Court to hear and resolve all matters relating to scheduling, as well as to all motions to dismiss, stay and transfer venue.

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In light of these considerations, the Court finds no basis to treat Gechnology right of first refusal as a dispositive limitation in the “all substantial rights” inquiry. Shim’s declaration to be substantially compliant with Section ‘s requirements, and will consider their contents.

In assessing this question, the Federal Circuit noted that it might have been theoretically possible for certain of WiAV’s samsunt licensees to sublicense the patents-in-suit to the defendants.

As detailed in our Privacy Policy we will use your personal information to administer your account and provide the products and services that you have requested from us. Of toshiba samsung storage technology corporation, the legal effect of an agreement like this matters more than does its title, or the presence of a few stray words here or there.

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Retrieved July 7, We take your privacy seriously. Email Professional email required. Yoshiaki Shimada, Hideki Otsuka. See Morrow, F.