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The 'real' shape of the American man: Dudes, you're porky!

An american man

An illustration shows the average body of males from different countries. Courtesy Nickolay Lamm Oct.

Sorry, sn is not a compliment. Lamm ly created a 3-D model of a "normal" Barbiebased on the proportions of the average year-old American woman, which became a viral hit last summer.

BMI is a gauge of body fat in adults calculated by height and weight. Courtesy Nickolay Lamm It's no america that the average American man is a bit of a porker. Sixty-nine percent of all Americans over the age of 20 are overweight or obese.

An american man

But a is one thing and seeing man in the computer-generated flesh is another. The BMI for a typical adult American male is The Japanese male avatar represents the average national BMI of The average American man has a BMI of Courtesy Nickolay Lamm Beyond crunching height, weight and waistline stats, Lamm american crafted his models by looking at numerous photographs of actual men whose BMIs were reported in the pictures' captions.

The work took two months. He then ran each of his avatars by an expert, Matthew P. Reed works in a field called anthropometry, which uses human shapes and sizes in engineering applications, such as vehicle de.

He defends the lighter skin color of the avatars — almost a grayish pink — because a similar tone among the foursome underscores the varying sizes of male butts and guts. Reed agreed with that choice.

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