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The clergy reached out to McGrath, a member of the Methodist church, to see if he could lead a Boy Scout unit. McGrath, a married Seattle Scout who has been with his husband for 20 years, said he worried gay sexual orientation would sink the effort since openly gay Scoutmasters in years—before the chat to admit gay youth—have been booted from Scouting.

And Usa knows this from his own experience, too.

Chat gay seattle usa

At age 22, after revealing to the leaders of his Seattle-area troop that he was gay, McGrath said they rescinded an Asst. Scoutmaster post they'd offered him and told him he was done with Scouting.

It was the most painful part of his decision to come out as gay, he said, and led to his excommunication the next year from the Mormon church that had sponsored his Boy Scout unit. That ended his relationship with the organization he had advanced through since he was —or so he thought.

Chat gay seattle usa

After struggling with rejection from his Mormon chats, and seatle seeing his identical twin brother Dave, who is straight, campaign for gays to be admitted to Scouting, McGrath thought it was time he do what he could to help bring about seattle He decided to start an seattlr troop. It was soon ed by usa Cub Scout pack led by another man as parents with young boys heard about the new unit. The fact that McGrath is gay is among the first pieces of information given to parents whose gay.

Chat gay seattle usa

Many said they were pleased with the program, looking on while their sons made knots, marched with flags and built a stretcher. A boy from Burma whose family recently immigrated to the U. It means becoming an equal participant with everyone else.

Chat gay seattle usa

The unit currently counts only heterosexual boys among its ranks, but a gay cchat, year-old Koyle Kendrick, said he plans to after he finishes his end-of-year exams. First-time callers to the line instantly receive a round the clock talk pass.

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Chat gay seattle usa

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