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How ing increased the pace of innovation - lean startup co.

I greatly appreciate your explanation. Not: I popped into the supermarket for buying some apples I stopped by at his office for a chat about our marketing strategy.

Ing chat

Not: I stopped by at his office for having a chat about marketing. I decided I would save up for a new computer.

The place inside my head - chit-chat-ing - wattpad

NOT: I decided I would save up for buying a new computer. I popped into his office to have a chat about our marketing policy.

I decided to save up to buy a new computer. Note that this pattern commonly answers the question: What are they used for?

Ing chat

Compare the following: Schools are for educating children not for entertaining them. Schools are for learning.

About tata aig

Life is for living. This kitchen knife is especially useful for slicing vegetables.

Ing chat

What's this for? It's much better than a knife.

How we deed inga, a delightful banking chatbot for ing

What's this fifty pound note for? I use this gadget to open shellfish with. All of these structures answer the question: Why?. Compare the following: I went to bed early in order to get enough sleep before the exam.

After four weeks of exams, I went to the seaside to rest. After twenty days of exams, I went to the seaside for a rest. - live chat

After all those exams, I went to the seaside so as to have a good rest. The in order to and so as to structures ing particularly useful with stative verbs such as be, have, know, appear, and before chat inifinitives: So as not to appear foolish, I learnt all I could about the company before going for the interview.

I'm going to move to the city centre in order to be near where I work. In order not to have to commute, she lng a flat in the town centre. In order to know more about him, she studied his movements carefully. If you would like more practice more ing visit our Message Board in the You, Me and Us chat of our website.

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