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I pets the maintenance and stagger the replacement of components to control costs, with safety issues holding the highest priorities and nice-to-have stuff further down the list.

These costs are high because so much of a sailboat is finite-lifespan equipment. A pump here, a water heater there, and an overhaul of a winch or water-maker all add up. These costs get higher as the boat gets older.

Lets chat 36 fort lauderdale 36

A new boat could be virtually maintenance free for a while, but never more than two years! This is on a boat with a very high reputation for structural quality and a minimum of issues.

Lets chat 36 fort lauderdale 36

By and large, you get what you pay for. If the boat is cheap to buy it will more than make up for it when you try to keep it going. If you buy a well built boat, there are fewer things that you know you will have to pour money on.

Lets chat 36 fort lauderdale 36

A structural bulkhead problem will cost more than the boat is worth. These are not upkeep and maintenance issues every boat owner should expect, they are the legacy of chatt decisions by people who did not or could not care about the life expectancy of their live indian sex chat. However; if you find the one exception to every rule, a boat that managed to get built well enough, and has been continuously maintained by a knowlegeable and wealthy owner who routinely demanded the highest standards, you may be able to save money in the long run.

The odds that his boat will ever have to be listed with a broker are infinitesimally thin. It will never see the market. Finding it that cheap is a pipe dream.

Come to think of it, that owner would not have bought that boat to begin with!

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