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You can only re a group message if someone in the group adds you. To start a new group message: Open Messages and tap the Compose button to start writing mmessage new message.

Review sent and received text message history | textmagic

Enter the phone s or addresses of your contacts. Type your message, then tap the Send button.

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To delete a group message: Open Messages and find the conversation you want to delete. Swipe left over the conversation.

Tap Delete. If you delete a message, you won't be able to recover it. To save an attachment in a message, touch and hold the attachment, tap More, then tap Save.

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When you are finished with your search, click Cancel in the search window to return the Message Log to normal. This screen has three tabs: Transcript, Message, and Source.

The Transcript tab contains a transcript of the delivery process, which is a technical log detailing the communication between SecurityGateway and the server or client sending the message. The Message tab contains the actual content of the message. This may or may not be available depending on how old the message is, whether or not the message was delivered successfully, and whether SecurityGateway is set to retain that data.

The Source tab contains the message's source, including the message's headers, html code, and so on. The source may not be available if the message is old or SecurityGateway is not set to save that information. This option can only be messxge when the message's message has not been deleted from the database.

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This can help SecurityGateway more accurately identify spam messages in the future. This button may not be available in some situations or if SecurityGateway is not set to support this option.

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