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Oh, well would you look at Facebook, trying to make a Christmas funny with its SnapChat copycat app. It's called Poke!

Get it? Because SnapChat is what the kids are all using for their sexting these days, apparentlyand Poke — you uup, that once kinda flirty Facebook future that's now pretty much useless — can kind of do the same thing, and it kind of sounds like some bad sexual pun, too!

Snap sext no sign up

Funny, Facebook, very funny, and way to admit the dirty little truth behind "poking" that we knew all along. Oh, wait.

They're serious? Like SnapChat, Poke has a time-bomb component: users can choose how long someone sees a poke before it ceases to exist forever — so you could sext poke all day long, because that, too, is what the kids like doing these days, if SnapChat's huge, smashing, sexy success is any indication.

Snap sext no sign up

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